Firstly, we interact with our customers. Our experts talk to them, try to find out what they want and what they imagine their trip would be like, and only after the interaction do we start planning.

If security and authenticity are your main concern, we will provide you with full details of how we work and who our experts will be interacting with you. In addition, we inform you about the entire planning step by step and we maintain transparency even during monetary transactions.

The reason for the fare difference is that each individual seat, no matter what class it is, will have a different value. Like the price of the place will be different if you are a student. If you buy a ticket online, you may be able to get a discount on seating that is not provided offline. But when you contact us, we make sure you always get the lowest price for any class seat.

Tickets of all types are non-refundable. You can exchange the bills for some. But it depends, you can connect with our customer service team, and they will guide you.

You may have to wait a day at most before returning to yours. Because we have a massive rush on our emails. So it may take us some time, but we will definitely get back to you.

We usually don't ask for much. You will have to fill out an authorization form so that we do not face any fraud. We've had some negative experiences so it's just to avoid that.

The reservation money will only be deducted once the ticket is confirmed, which can take up to 12 hours. No charges will be deducted prior to ticket confirmation.

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