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At Skynair, we aim to provide you with an exceptional experience from start to finish. So, whether you need help researching the best time and place to fly, selecting the most suitable ticket, or providing you with solution to your queries on the airline’s policies to upgrade, cancel, refund, or talking to a live person in case your plans change, we are here to assist you. Our support team is dedicated to ensuring that you have the best possible experience with us.

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“I forget to do check my flight status of Qatar Airways, and at the last moment of daily routines rush, I don’t get the time to do that, but thanks to Skynair, as this really helps me do the flight status of the Qatar Airways, within 2 minutes. I, just went through with the steps present and as being asked to follow, and at the last stage I get the updated details of the flight. I really thanked to Skynair, as my flight was 2 hours late at the airport, that really saved my time, instead of reaching the airport early.”


“While using Skynair, I got moved twice across the world, by having a wonderful journey. I found it comfortable journey, where the seats were beautifully aligned. The on-screen televisions were absolutely cleared. Entertainment was limited to 5 English movies! The map route was available behind every, seats and being served with the fresh vegetarian breakfast at the flight, that was booked by the Skynair, with perfect flavour. The captain came on the speakers twice, at departure and arrival.”


“By using the method of online booking for Air Canada system of Skynair,I get the airport staff to be trained well. There was lots of information being provided to the passengers travelling through. Ongoing through with the steps of online booking ticket given by the Skynair, helped me to contact to the customer service assistant of Air Canada easily. Therefore,it takes a bit time to connect with the assistant, but it was worth able.Hence, overall, using the Skynair’s steps for booking an online ticket for Air Canada, was absolutely correct, and helped me a lot in doing that!”


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