KLM Flight Change Policy

Changing or canceling flight schedules has never been fun, but we still have to do it sometimes. So what is KLM airlines’ cancellation policy? With this guide, you can customize your KLM airlines ticket according to your convenience, and KLM airlines will make the changes for you smoothly and efficiently. For more information on KLM flight change policy, you can visit the official website or call 1-800-618-0104 or our agents at +1-800-860-5036.

KLM change flight policy

In case when you wish to change a flight ticket on a KLM flight, then under the KLM flight change policy, you will not get any charge or fee if you make changes in your itinerary within 24 hours of booking. But, if the flight change is beyond 24 hours of ticket purchase, then for the changes, there will be an extra fee, which will depend upon the flight ticket fare type you booked.

How can I change my flight ticket date at KLM Airlines?

To KLM change my flight ticket date, follow the steps below

  • Open the official KLM Airlines website and log in yourself.
  • There, navigate the Manage booking to obtain a drop-down menu.
  • Choose Modify Flight from the menu and wait until a new page pops up on the screen.
  • Now access your reservation by entering the Reservation Number, Last Name, and Departure Date.
  • Make necessary amendments, and pick out a new flight for your new itinerary.
  • Lastly, pay them if there are any KLM Airlines flight date change fees against the change or the fare difference.
  • The airline sends you a new invoice for your changed itinerary.

For more information on the KLM change ticket, you can dial the KLM change flight phone number 1-800-618-0104 or our agents at +1-800-860-5036.


1. What is KLM’s cancellation policy 24 hours?

Ans: If you cancel a KLM flight within 24 hours, you won’t be charged. If you cancel your flight after 24 hours and your departure date is more than seven days from the booking date, you will be charged a cancellation fee, and the airline will not reimburse your ticket. Passengers can track the KLM flight cancellation refund on the official website using the KLM Airlines refund reference number.

2. When can I Change the flight ticket date on KLM Airlines?

Ans: You can change from 24 hours after the flight ticket booking to 24 hours before the departure of the flight.

3. What is the KLM Airlines flight change phone number?

Ans: If you have any queries, call the KLM Airlines flight change phone number at 1-800-618-0104 or our agents at +1-800-860-5036.

After giving this blog a thorough read, you will have a clear idea about the KLM Flight Change Policy, process, and steps you must follow to change the KLM Airlines flight booking date mentioned in the ticket. For more information, visit the official website or contact KLM airlines customer care at 1-800-618-0104 or our agents at +1-800-860-5036.

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