How do I talk to the live person Hong Kong Airlines?

How do I talk to the live person Hong Kong Airlines.

What’s important for you to know should be known by the ones who can give you the correct information. This means that if you have any issue regarding any services rendered, you need to ask the ones who are rendering the same. For instance, if you have booked your tickets with Hong Kong airlines and are now facing issues while checking the flight status or getting the online check-in done, then in that case, you can seek help from the team of experts that Hong Kong airlines have. The Hong Kong airlines customer service is available for you to take support at any time of the day.

The aviation company always had this team, but their use was understood when there was a lockdown in almost every part of the world. People who had their bookings with Hong Kong airlines started to worry about their bookings, and then they wanted to talk to someone who could help them with the correct information. Or to get guidance. That’s when this team came up with the easiest, quickest, and most reliable solutions.+852-3916-3666 or our agents: +1-800-860-5036.

Hong Kong airlines customer service number:

  • You will not have to refer to any other place to get the customer service number. You will get the contact number on the official website itself.
  • The URL for the official website is
  • You need to remember the correct URL, or else you will be misguided to speak of another inauthentic website.
  • When you reach the official website, you will find the “contact us” option on the first page. Click on that, and the Hong Kong airlines customer service page will open. +852-3916-3666 or our agents: +1-800-860-5036.
  • You will get other options to contact the customer service team there itself.
  • You can send the team a mail explaining all your problems, and they will respond to the same within two days. If you have queries regarding baggage and you want to send a mail, here’s the email ID:
  • If you wish to have a telephonic conversation, then here is the number: +852-3916-3666 or our agents: +1-800-860-5036.

How do I talk to Hong Kong airlines customer service:

This is indeed a very important question, as all the other doubts and queries can only get cleared if you have the customer service numbers. So, the blog that’s written above has all the details about how you can get the contact numbers without misleading. Still, if you are in a hurry and have just scrolled through, here are the numbers:  +852-3916-3666 or our agents: +1-800-860-5036.

Because they have multiple destinations that they cover, passengers worldwide contact this team over the phone. If you are wondering about Hong Kong airlines customer service in the USA, here are the numbers: +852-3916-3666 or our agents: +1-800-860-5036. Then you should know that Hong Kong airlines do not provide services in the USA.

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