How do I change my flight date with Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines is a well-known global airline, valued for its commitment to making passengers comfortable and satisfied. But, even if you plan carefully, sometimes you might need to change your flight date. Whether due to unexpected circumstances or evolving itineraries, understanding how to modify your travel plans with Delta Airlines is crucial. In this blog, we will explore Delta Airlines Change Flight Policy with step-by-step instructions on how to make these adjustments seamlessly.

For more information, call US Number: OTA: +1-800-860-5036 or +1-800-221-1212 

Delta Airlines Change Flight Policy

Are you interested in the question Can You Change Delta Airlines Dates?. Before that understanding the Delta change flight policy is crucial:

  • All change fees are waived for both domestic and international travel in the United States through May 31, 2020. From June 1 to December 31, 2020, changes are allowed, but you may need to pay a fare difference.
  •  You can cancel Delta tickets and receive a travel credit equal to the ticket amount for free.
  •  If you bought your ticket in March, you can change it as many times as needed without any change fees. For other tickets, you can make one change without a fee.
  • Regarding Same-Day Changes:

These changes involve delta change flight date should be within 24 hours of your original departure time, and the travel must be within the United States, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands. Note that some ticket types, like Basic Economy and tickets for international travel, are not eligible for same-day changes.

There are two options when you make same-day changes.

Service Availability Fee Eligibility
Same-Day Confirmed Depends on seat availability in your originally purchased fare class Starts at $75 USD Complimentary for Diamond, Platinum & Gold Medallion Members (See Terms & Conditions)
Same-Day Standby Complimentary service No cost Until you are assigned a seat on an earlier flight, your original flight remains confirmed

How to Change Your Flight Date with Delta Airlines?

All Delta flights, that were purchased directly from Delta can be quickly  delta date change  or canceled online. 

  • Begin by visiting
  • Log in to your Delta account.
  • Click Manage My Trips and select the trip you’d like to change or cancel.
  • Select the “Modify Trip” button at the heart of the webpage
  • Now, it is time to decide whether to “Choose” or “Cancel” your trip.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts.

If you do cancel a paid ticket, Delta will email you an eCredit within 24 hours. Make sure to save this email and use the eCredit towards your next paid Delta booking.

If you’re unable to  change date on delta flight, call US Number: OTA: +1-800-860-5036 or +1-800-221-1212.

Delta Cancellation Charges

Ticket Type Change/Cancellation Fee
Basic Economy N/A (not allowed)
Nonrefundable ticket $200 for domestic tickets

$200 — $500 for international tickets

Refundable ticket $0

For international flights, the cancellation or change fee ranges from minimum of $200 to a maximum of $500. The range depends on the type and duration of flight. In addition, note that all flights to Canada have a fixed change or cancellation fee of $200.

Do note that same-day changes are cheaper at $75, but you can only move to flights on the same route that are departing on the same day that you’re booked to travel. 

For upto date information, visit their website or call US Number: OTA: +1-800-860-5036 or +1-800-221-1212 

How can you avoid change and cancellation fees on Delta?

Beyond travel waivers, there are a few ways to avoid paying change and cancellation fees on delta change date of flight. Here are some scenarios where you may be able to change or cancel your flight for free.

  • Within 24 hours of booking

Tickets booked directly through Delta can be canceled for free on during this 24-hour grace period, and your refund will be processed to the original form of payment.

  • Schedule changes

If your Delta flight is subject to a schedule change of 90 minutes or more, you can cancel or change your flight for free. 

  • Flight cancellations

Sometimes an airline may cancel your flights outright due to bad weather , mechanical problems or any unexpected events. If these last minute changes occur, Delta will try to accommodate you by booking an alternate flight for free of charge on the same day or depending on your availability.If you donot accept the changes, you can still request a full refund and money will be credited to your account.

  • Elite status

Delta Platinum and Diamond Medallion customers can  delta date change

or cancel award tickets for free. Also, customers with Gold Medallion status or higher can make same-day changes for free online or by calling the airline.

  • Special circumstances

You’re eligible for a full refund of your flights if you receive an unexpected military deployment or change in orders, or if you or one of your travel companions passes away before departure. In either of these cases, Delta will likely require that you send supporting documentation before it processes your refund.


1:- How much does Delta Airlines charge for changing or canceling a flight?

Delta Airlines can charge up to $500 per ticket for changes or cancellations.

2:- Are there any circumstances where I can avoid change or cancellation fees?

Yes, you can avoid fees in certain situations, such as schedule changes, travel waivers, and other qualifying circumstances. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Delta’s policies may offer more flexibility.

3:- Can I change my Delta flight for free if I purchased my ticket in March?

Yes, if you bought your ticket in March, you can change it as many times as needed without incurring any change fees.

4:- What is Delta’s policy for same-day changes?

Same-day changes are possible within 24 hours of your original departure for flights within the U.S., Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands. However, some ticket types are not eligible for this service.

5:- How can I ensure I’m aware of any fee exemptions or policy changes related to my Delta flight?

Regularly review Delta’s policies, especially during the ongoing pandemic, to avoid surprises when modifying your travel plans.


Delta change date of flight  can be a challenging process, but it becomes considerably less stressful when you are well-prepared. Delta Airlines imposes change or cancellation fees that can reach up to $500 per ticket. Therefore, it’s highly advisable to remain vigilant for opportunities like travel waivers, schedule alterations, and other situations that might grant you fee exemptions. Make sure to thoroughly review all of Delta’s policies so that you are not caught off guard when the need arises to modify your future Delta travel plans. For more information on How do I change my flight date with Delta Airlines? Call US Number: OTA: +1-800-860-5036 or +1-800-221-1212.

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