Avianca Overweight Baggage Fee

Avianca overweight baggage fee

You have booked your ticket with Avianca airlines if you are planning to travel with Avianca airlines, and packed your baggage without thinking anything. Then, suddenly, this question arises in your mind: What is Avianca’s overweight baggage fee? So, let me tell you. For information, let me tell you. You only pay what if you have to follow the baggage allowance rules. It is because you can carry a maximum the 32 kg of weight. If there is any doubt, WhatsApp This number +57 3114006797 or our agents at +1-800-860-5036 and get the information you want.

Avianca checked the baggage fee.

In Avianca airlines, the checked baggage fee is different class-wise. The first matched baggage price differs from the second; if you are going to study, you must pay the $70 to $150 matched baggage price. If you know about the “Avianca airlines baggage fees” so, Avianca does not ask for the baggage fee if you follow these rules—

  • If you travel with the Avianca airlines “Economy class,” you can carry a maximum of 23 kg weight.
  • And when you are going to travel in the “Business Class,” then you can take with you a maximum the 32 kg weight.
  • Along with this weight, you can have 7 kg of cabin baggage, which you can have for your daily uses thing.

So, these are the essential facts about Avianca airline baggage; if you are planning to travel with this airline, read the above carefully. If you want to get rid of the paying extra baggage fee, then you have to read the blog once very carefully. You are reading. If you still feel any doubt feel free to connect here at +57 3114006797 and ask which you want.

Avianca baggage cost

If you travel with Avianca airlines, then the Avianca airlines policy says that you can carry a maximum of 32 kg. You must pay the $150 extra baggage fee if you have more than this.

  • So, the policy says that you can carry a maximum of 32 kg of weight with you.
  • If you take more than the allowance, you must pay a maximum of 23 kg.
  • Along with these, you can have cabin baggage of 7kg.

So, if you follow these rules, then you don’t have to pay the extra baggage cost. I hope you understand everything very clearly. If any doubt, then you can Whatsapp this number +57 3114006797 or our agents at +1-800-860-5036 and get you every problem solution from there.

“This blog says that if you travel with Avianca, how much luggage can you carry with you during the travel time, how much weight, and how much will be your fare throughout? Information about all this is available in the details. Still, to understand these things, you must read everything carefully, and if you encounter any problems even after reading, you can send WhatsApp to this number +57 3114006797 or our agents at +1-800-860-5036.”

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